Monday, March 15, 2010

Policies & Disclaimers

Policies & Disclaimers: Credit is due to @hrana and @RayBeckerman

I am not (may not be) your doctor. Please see your personal doctor for any medical advice.
Contact with me in any form is under the explicit understanding that no doctor-patient relationship exists and none will be formed.
A blog post or Twitter status update is not a replacement for a doctor visit in person. If it is a medical emergency then please call the designated emergency services system in your country.
My blog posts and Twitter status updates are not medical, legal, ethical, moral, political, or any other form of advice, suggestion, or recommendation.
My opinions are fluid and I have the right to change my position as my knowledge and experiences dictate.
I reserve the right to alter or delete any of my blog posts for any reason.
I reserve the right to delete any comments on my various social media profiles and blog for any reason.
I reserve the right to delete any Twitter status updates for any reason. Most common reasons include but are not limited to: old replies, non-medicine related replies, incorrect or unverified articles/links, etc.
I reserve the right to ignore any contact through any means (Blog, Twitter, Email, IM, etc). Most common reasons include but are not limited to: unwanted marketing, SPAM, hostile/aggressive/annoying behavior, unfamiliarity or lack of personal/professional relationship, etc.
Following, contacting, or ‘friending’ people on any social media sites, blogs, etc. is not an endorsement by me of the message, opinions, beliefs, or mission of that person, group, or business.
I will disclose any/all endorsements. At this time there are none.
My hope is that my participation in the social web and Twitter specifically remains a useful tool to network, share information, and build a community with people I may not know very well. Again my thanks to @RayBeckerman for providing many of the rules above. Go follow him if for no other reason than to learn how to use social media correctly. Many of the Twitter users I follow are absolutely great people. If you’re inclined to see my Twitter page then here is the address: @drjonesaa.

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