Tuesday, January 27, 2009

this is what Rachel Garvey said on her face book about AnimalAgentz.com

Hi everyone
Look need to push this to help parents and children. This site has been revamped and is absolutely fantastic and yes I've used it myself with my son.
Daily life can be quite scary and traumatic for children, they need to learn life skills and some children find it hard to be confident and socialble. this site does more than most sites-this in fact is a unique site which can really make a difference.

Animal Agentz uses colourful and playful characters that all have unique abilities and the child learns life skills with each character. It is user friendly and easy for the most nervous of website users. It uses fun ways of teaching a child how to disengage themselves from things that make them nervous, how to be more confident and how to be less scared when a child has to be put in a situation that can be really upsetting like going to the doctors to have a blood test.

This site has got the recognition of the famous Dr Chris Steele from the well known This Morning show.

This site can help in so many ways I could be writing for ever!
I do not spread a website unless I have used it and ultimately feel that it has lots of benefits. There are rewards for the children and so manay things to learn and do and it is done in such a clever way but hey how about you pop to the site and take a good look-it costs nothing to have a nosey.
I helped product test this site and was very eager to see it arrive and not many websites get my that excited!

Come on let's make our children become confident and happy people that can grow into well rounded and independant adults-I know every parents wants to give their child the best start in life and this is it!

Here's the website:

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